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The Photo galleries  are samples of the photos in our digital archive. We do not show many because we own very few that are totally copyright free.

Mike Edwards holds a considerable personal digital photo library of interest to anyone who has an interest in the local area and he kindly donates items for us to use. Our collection grows as local people donate them to the group.

These pages are a selection that show the significant buildings and sites in each village.

The photos form the basis of our regular exhibitions.

They are organised by these areas and themes.

Should you have any photographs that you might want to show than please contact us to discuss what and where it is best done.

New Passage




River Severn

Severn Beach

New Passage Photos

Severn Lodge

The Glen.

Methodist Chapel​

Opening of the Pier 1863

Plaques on Pier

New Passage Hotel

Northwick Photos

Redwick and Northwick School

Northwick Church Tower

Pilning Photos

Pilning Low Level Station

Pilning High Level Station

Pilning Railway cutting

Pilning Forge and memorial

Severn Tunnel Entrance

Pilning School dinner ladies

Railway Photos

Severn Tunnel Diagram of 1879

This shows the location of the Great Spring that was the source of flooding of the tunnel during construction.

Disused Railbed

There are many local lines that are abandoned. Some have since been converted to footpaths, others have houses on them and many are picked out in the landscape by the gates and uneven trails between surviving road bridges.

Severn Beach Station

The first Severn Beach station opened on this line on 5th June 1922 as an excursion platform, and fully opened with the commencement of passenger services on the line on 26th May 1924. Through services between Avonmouth and Pilning commenced on 9th July 1928. It closed to goods on 10th September 1963.

New Passage Halt

Redwick Photos

O.S. Map of Redwick

Old Road to New Passage

Kings Arms P.H

River Severn Photos

A lave net fisherman

The Pumping Station for the Severn Tunnel

Building the Second Severn Crossing

Severn Beach Photographs

Cottages at the end of Station Road

The Beach

The Blue Lagoon

Osborne Road