Previous events, 2018-19:

Sat 10th Nov    A.G.M. – Elections and reports

Wed 27th Feb  Committee Meeting

Sat 16th Mar   “Lost City of Bristol” a talk by Clive Burlton

Wed 3rd Apr   Committee Meeting

Sat 11th May   Photo Exhibition

Wed 14th May Committee Meeting

Tue 18th Jun    Committee Meeting

Sat 22nd Jun   “I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside” by John Penny

Sat 13th Jul     “The Severn Festival”

Wed 31st Jul   Committee Meeting

Mon 5th Aug   Committee newsletter publication 

We held exhibitions from our archives relating to :-

Sat 31st Aug   Pilning Flower Show 50th  Anniversary display

September     Severn Beach School 50th Anniversary​

Sat  28th Sep  “City of the Sea” a talk by Chris Biggs 

Tue 8th Oct     Committee Meeting

Sat 19th Oct  Nostalgia  Day

Sat 16th Nov  “Talk of the Fishermen by the Black Rock Heritage Fishery

List of Events from 2004 to present

2004   “Looking Into the Picture” – details of old postcards 

2005    “Clifton Rocks Railway” Peter Davey

            “Dustbin Films Man” 

Summer events Pilning Carnival, Parish Information Day, “Weddings” 

2006    “Look Into the Picture” – new photos

“Links with Brunel” – all day exhibition 

            “Magic Lantern Show”  

Winter event

Exhibition from Thornbury Museum,

2007    “Film Show” – Brian Haynes

            “Wartime Life”  Dave Cheesley

            “Genealogy” talk 

            “Victorian Magic Lantern”

2008    “Concorde Queen of the Skies” illustrated talk + exhibits 

            “Fry’s Chocolate Evening” 

            “Local History Needs You” – open meeting for information 

            “Fairgrounds” – Dave Cheesley

            “Brunel” talk/book

2009    “Luftwaffe Attacks on Sth Glos” 

            “Photos and Things” – Mike’s Postcards 

             “A Night at the Cinema” – films about Bristol

2010    “Photo Exhibition” at Easter Compton

            “Magic Lantern Show” 

2011    “Changing Face of Shops – Tony Cherry 


            “Out & About in Bristol” – John Penny 

            “Severn Princess”

2012    “Back to 1950’s” – David Elesbury

             “Nan’s Attic” – Mr & Mrs Elesbury

             “Lights Out” educational films

             “Grandad’s Shed” – Mr & Mrs Elesbury

2013     “British Piers” 

             Dave Cheesley 

             “Severn Princess”             

             “Ration Books to Rock & Roll” – Terry Merrett-Smith

2014     “Year on a Dairy Farm” – Richard Cornock

             “Clifton Rocks Railway” – Peter Davey

             “Dance Band Days” – Terry Merrett-Smith

             “Teddy Boys to Glam Rock” – Dave Cheesley

2015      Joe Nemeth

             “Severn Estuary” – Janet Maurice

             Joe Nemeth

             “Severn Princess” 

             “Remembering 1960’s” – Dave Cheesley 

2016     “Fossils” – Janet Maurice 

             “Year on a Dairy Farm” repeat

             “Remembering 1950’s” Dave Cheesley 

             Special Exhibition – 1st Severn Bridge

          “Mustard Gas” – Joe Nemeth 

2017    “Mud” – Janet Maurice 

            “Evening with Dave Cheesley” 

            “Trains” – Andrew Swift

            “Village Through Time” – Rose Hewlett 

2018    “Let’s All go to Severn.Beach” – Joe Nemeth 

            “Guilty Pleasures” – Chris Biggs 

            “Golden Age of Picture Postcards” – Dave Cheesley 

            “Wings of War” – Chris Biggs 

            “Toys & Games of Yesteryear” 

             “Gas Girls” – Joe Nemeth 

2019     “Lost City of Bristol” – Clive Burlton 

             Photo Exhibition at Mafeking Hall

             “I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside” – John Penny)

            “Talk of the Fishermen” 

Annual Open Archives Day in October each year.