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We have conversations in many ways.

The busiest are on our Facebook pages where anyone who lives locally or has a local connection can join in.

Recent topics of conversation on Facebook

One of the biggest has been around posting on the page. We have tried to clarify a few things so that people can comfortably post information on the Facebook site. Nancy wrote this:-

To follow on the previous discussions. The group has decided that any photos placed on this page, that you don’t want people to copy must include a copyright symbol and a name on the photograph before posting.

Thank you.

Please note this is for any photos being placed by members that has not been seen before. Any older photos are exempt from the copyright. If unsure please message for guidance,

It has not deterred anyone from posting. If anything we have even more enthusiastic posters of information.

I think we have a brilliant Facebook presence. We have about 1,500 viewers of our pages. Follow the link to get an idea of recent conversations.

Conversations on facebook

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Topics under discussion on our Facebook pages

The Facebook page has 1,500 members (as of June 2023) who post interesting items for open discussion.

A special mention must go to James Bryant who has been very busy in the record offices of the Gloucester newspapers and has found some brilliant snippets of local news. I have added (JB) to indicate which ones he has provided.

In recent months the topics under discussion include:-

  • Pill Head House
  • The Williams family of Ostbridge Farm
  • Mothers Union Party of 1953
  • Unveiling party for Severn Salmon
  • The Melancholy Death of a Decayed Yeoman at Hallen (JB)
  • Severn Beach Scout and the hut
  • Boxing in the 19th Century (JB)
  • WWI Recruitment (JB)
  • Les Prout
  • More Injured arrive (1915 story of injured soldiers) (JB)
  • Pilning Hauliers sudden death (JB)
  • Pilning Heroine March 1927 (JB)
  • Fun in Pilning 1926 (JB)
  • New Luxury Hotel at Severn Beach 1937 (JB)
  • Severn Holiday ends in River tragedy  1930 (JB)
  • Mrs Hunt’s class of 1964
  • Police Raid on Severn Beach club August 1933 (JB)
  • Station totem signs in Joe Nemeth’s  Severn Beach Railway Museum
  • The Shops (Severn Beach Sunday Trading Restriction) Act of 1938
  • Tom Plant and the signal Box
  • Slot Machine in Joe’s collection
  • Severn Beach and the coronation 1937 (JB)
  • Shaymoor Lane residents?
  • Carried away by water. Glo’shire School boys death. Mar 1935 (JB)
  • TV coverage of floods in 1990
  • Ghostly goings on in Severn Beach
  • Boy smashes a horses skull May 1906 (JB)
  • Cycling Tragedy May 1913 (JB)
  • Ghosts of New Passage
  • 5 Platelayers cut to pieces Sept. 1921 (JB)
  • Easter Compton residents of 1935
  • Two arrested, one charged theft from Pilning Shop June 1936 (JB)
  • Brave policeman August 1894 (JB)
  • The Havoc at Severn Beach October 1923 JB)
  • Carnival at Severn Beach July 1923 (JB)
  • Midnight Capture at Severn Beach April 1937 (JB)
  • Opening on new hotel Feb 1937 (JB)
  • Born in Almondsbury Hospital?
  • Accident at Severn Beach arm amputated June 1922 (JB)
  • Seaside Social Club of 1950s
  • Cinema souvenirs
  • Winston Bryant and Sevalco works (JB)
  • Pilning Pantomime
  • The Hooper Family
  • The Pram Races
  • Clark’s Hardware shop
  • Miller’s Sunday School
  • Aust Ferry
  • Clem’s Hairdresser
  • The World War II memorial. A plea for help
  • Ronnie Taylors Photo’s of life in “The Beach”
  • Pilning F.C.
  • Colourised old photographs
  • Bombing arrows in the fields at Aust
  • Born in Severn Beach?
  • Auntie May of Cross Hands?
  • Jim England being awarded a long service award at Pilning Post Office
  • Northwick Church
  • Daisy Boon and the England family of Redwick
  • Prospect Road houses
  • The Beach and pleasure gardens
  • The Pumping Station and Shaft Road
  • VE day 75 years on. Celebrations
  • Pilning Fire Station
  • Mr Cooper, the Pilning Headmaster
  • Pilning Girl Guides

The Facebook page can be found at:-

Conversations in newsletter

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Topics covered in our recent Newsletters

Our newsletter is available to all members four times a year. Topics recently covered are:-

May 2021 Issue No. 67

  • Severn Beach Post cards
  • Life in South Australia – an email from Egon and Libby Shore
  • Cleopatra’s club Easter Compton
  • New passage Hotel
  • The Long Room /  Riverside / Beachcomber
  • Patricia Eades poem re the ash and the oak
  • Noisy mules
  • Severn Beach 100
  • The Jones boys, Billy Butlin and houses on maps of 1921

​February 2021 Issue No 66

  • SB 100
  • Book sales
  • Downs Bakery
  • Severn Beach Funfairs and showmen 1926
  • Illness in Northwick School records in the 19th century
  • May 1882 Tragic death at New Passage
  • The Canon at Dean House in New Passage
  • The A403 opening
  • Local place names
  • Basil Parrott and the Chindits

November 2020. Issue No. 65

  • Flying on Concorde – memories from 1984
  • Pilning Flower Show of 1896
  • A Beagle meeting and market at New Passage in 1897
  • An inquest into a death in the Severn Tunnel 1899
  • Northwick School Concerts of 1898
  • Traffic calming proposal of 1994
  • The origin of the term “Reen”- A question for discussion
  • Severn Beach Cricket Club of 1964
  • 2022. A centenary celebration for Severn Beach?

August 2020 Issue No. 64

  • Book publications updates.
  • Thoughts on “Then and Now” picture project.
  • Royal visits
  • Egon Shore memories of Wartime scams, prisoners of war, blueprinting, and the Australian drought
  • New archives of St. Thomas’ Church in Northwick
  • Floods of 1687, earthquakes in 1689, 
  • Shocking statistics of child deaths and diseases.
  • Swimming pool turnstile evidence in the landscape.

May 2020 Issue No. 63

  • Covid 19 and the postponement of  events
  • “This little world” update
  • Minutes of parish Council in 1945
  • School logs of 1945
  • Floods and flood defences
  • Pilning Cinema club of the 70s
  • Lave net fishing. A report of the talk by the Black Rock Lave Net Fishermen’s association

February 2020 Issue No. 62

  • 75th anniversary of the end of World War  II
  • “This little world” book (2005)
  • Wells in the local area
  • New Passage House and Ferry
  • John Wesley in the local area
  • Pilning Pram Races
  • The 1997 Pilning Mobility scooter race
  • Our treasure chest of local magazines​

The newsletters are held in our archives but the best way to read these articles is to become a member and they will automatically be sent to you every three months.